Paul is dedicated with a passion to the development of highly effective LEADERSHIP and Management.

PHILOSOPHY: everyone has the potential to show effective leadership to people for the efficient management of other resources. The role of the effective LEADER Manager is to do both whilst achieving a multiplier effect on the organisation and its endeavour. Effective LEADER Managers promote a state of continual learning and adapt to any environment. Releasing potential, they transform results and create exciting futures.

Highly effective LEADER Managers thrive whilst valuing disparate ideas concurrently. Preference is a function of situational not personal need. Thinking inclusively, they appear to effortlessly achieve more with less.

DISPARATE IDEA PAIRS: LEADERSHIP vs. Management. PEOPLE vs. other resource. EFFECTIVE vs. efficient. MOTIVATION vs. productivity. BELIEF vs. systems. ROLE vs. structure. VISION vs. plans. STRATEGY vs. operations. COURAGE vs. risk. CREATIVITY vs. conformity. PRINCIPLE vs. process. CHANGE vs. maintenance. RELEASE vs. control.

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  • The work completed by Paul has been of a consistently high standard and has assisted us to innovate in some very important areas of both strategy and operations. We...

    Paul Williams - Managing Director
  • Working with Paul Berry has been an absolute asset in growing our business and coaching us to be much more assertive and knowledgeable in all facets, thanks a million!

    Tania Walsh - CEO
  • Ray White has been using the services of True North in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching, team development and business planning. I have no hesitation in recommending...

    Nick George - Managing Director
    Ray White SA/NT
  • These programs were conducted for very different client groups, and extremely positive feedback was received from all participants. All participants expressed significant professional and personal growth.

    Bronwen Fisher - Team Leader HR Services
  • We have been using the services of Paul Berry and True North for the past four years. In this time True North has worked in close consultation with us...

    Grant Miles - CEO
    Hayes Knight SA/NT
  • We are very interested in proactively developing these competencies within our workforce and business. We have worked with True North and Paul Berry and are very aware of his...

    Jim Gross - Managing Director
  • Paul Berry himself has a very engaging style. He can facilitate and coach at all levels and his tremendous knowledge of HBDI has proven insightful and valuable to SA...

    Peter Ward - Head of People and Change
    SA Water Corporation
  • Paul and True North work in close consultation with enterprises to develop ‘Organisational Development’ programs. Such programs include Leadership and Management Development, Team Development, Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Mentoring...

    Phil Ransome - Business Adviser
    Australian Industry Group
  • By developing our people in these critical areas we will deliver superior service to our customers, become a more successful business and grow our presence in the community

    David Southwell - State Manager
    Coventry Group
  • The most creative and enjoyable team development workshop ever!

    Ulli Spranz - Owner/Founder
    B-d. Farm Paris Creek
  • We have also completed some Team Development work utilising a review and diagnostic of the way we think as a senior leadership team. This has been integral to the...

    Paul Williams - Managing Director
  • Each of the members of the senior Management Team are now cascading the team development sessions using HBDI in their businesses. Aside from the great Team building and understanding...

    Peter Ward - Head of People and Change
    SA Water Corporation
  • The planning process was skilfully facilitated by Paul Berry who kept the planning team focused on the task of shaping Barkuma’s future direction over the next four...

    Robert Depold - CEO
  • True North are currently conducting a Management Training program for the Normet Group in Australia and Paul Berry has demonstrated the ability to not only deliver the content required...

    Chris Lewis - Managing Director
    Normet Group Australia